PSD announces closure of King Hussein Bridge

Amman: The Public Security Directorate’s Bridges Security Department declared on Thursday that all passenger traffic heading into the West Bank will not be allowed to cross the King Hussein Bridge from now until Sunday.

The administration explained that the closure of the bridge comes to open the way for pilgrims to the West Bank, and as for travelers coming towards Jordan, the working hours will remain as usual.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Hamas: We are preparing a memorandum to respond to the ‘false’ ICC accusations

Jerusalem – Ma’an – The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said that it is currently preparing a legal memorandum in which it responds to the “false” accusations of the International Criminal Court against 3 of its senior leaders.

The movement confirmed that the statement of the International Criminal Prosecutor was ‘full of inaccuracies and errors, and bias in favor of the occupying state, which is practicing genocide against our people in Gaza, in addition to the crimes of the occupation army and herds of settlers in the West Bank and the occupied city of Jerusalem.’

Source: Maan News Agency

United Nations: Displaced people in Gaza suffer from difficulty obtaining shelter, health and food

New York – Together – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Thursday that hundreds of thousands of displaced people in southern Gaza suffer from difficulty obtaining shelter, health, food, water and sanitation.

The office stated in a press statement that, from June 7 to 14, it led humanitarian assessments in four displacement sites in southern Gaza (Deir al-Balah, two in Khan Yunis and two in the Al-Mawasi area in Rafah).

He pointed out that he found people living in overcrowded temporary shelters and tents who are in dire need of repair and do not provide any protection from the extreme heat, pointing out that access to water is very low, and people are forced to stand in queues for long hours to obtain it.

The office said in its statement that there is a continuous spread of infectious diseases, amid the overflow of sewage, the spread of insects, rodents and snakes, and an almost complete lack of hygiene supplies and sanitation facilities.

The office indicated th
at many families report that they eat only one meal every day, while some eat one meal every two or three days, and rely mostly on bread, sharing food with other families, and rationalizing stocks.

The office explained that the restrictions imposed on access continue to severely undermine the process of providing aid and basic humanitarian services throughout Gaza, noting that the occupation forces, between June 1 and 18, prevented, facilitated and obstructed more than 40 humanitarian missions.

Source: Maan News Agency

UN experts warn arms companies against involvement in war crimes in Gaza

Geneva – Together – On Thursday, a group of United Nations experts warned arms and ammunition manufacturing companies against participating in sending weapons to Israel, stressing that this may make them involved in violations of human rights and international law .

The group, made up of 30 experts, including several UN special rapporteurs, stressed the need for manufacturing companies that supply Israel with military equipment to stop sending it ‘even if it is under valid export licenses.’

‘By sending weapons, spare parts, components and ammunition to Israeli forces, these companies risk being involved in serious violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law,’ the experts said in a statement.

Experts stated that the risks to arms companies have increased since the International Court of Justice ordered Israel last month to stop its military attack in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and issued a historic emergency ruling in the lawsuit filed by South Africa, which accuses
Israel of committing genocide .

The experts added, “In this regard, continuing to send weapons to Israel may constitute intentional assistance to carry out operations that violate international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and may lead to profiteering from this assistance.”

‘The ongoing Israeli military offensive is characterized by indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on the civilian population and infrastructure, including through the extensive use of explosive and incendiary weapons in densely populated areas, as well as in the destruction and damage of essential and life-sustaining civilian infrastructure, including homes and shelters,’ they said. Health, education, water and sanitation facilities.’

They added, ‘These attacks resulted in the deaths of more than 37,000 people in Gaza and the injury of 84,000 others. Of these deaths and injuries, it is estimated that 70 percent were women and children. Today, children in Gaza constitute the largest group of children with am
putees in the world due to ‘The serious injuries they sustained during the war, and these operations also led to severe environmental and climatic damage.’

The experts continued: ‘Imposing an arms embargo on Israel and the need for investors to take decisive action has become more urgent than ever, especially in light of the obligations of states and the responsibilities of companies under the Geneva Conventions, the Genocide Convention, international human rights treaties, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on… Business and human rights.

The experts praised the ongoing work of journalists documenting and reporting on the devastating impact of these weapons systems on civilians in Gaza, and human rights defenders and lawyers, among other stakeholders, who are dedicated to holding states and companies accountable for transferring weapons to Israel .

It is noteworthy that special rapporteurs and independent experts are appointed by the Human Rights Council in Geneva, which is an intergovernmental bo
dy responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world. Rapporteurs and experts are tasked with studying human rights situations and submitting reports on them to the Human Rights Council. It should be noted that this position is honorary, and these experts are not considered employees of the United Nations and do not receive compensation for their work.

Source: Maan News Agency

Muhammad Al-Sayed: We are a people who love life

Jerusalem – Together – The Administrative Body of the Palestinian Community in Greece responded to the invitation of the Greek opposition in Parliament and met with the Foreign Relations Officer, Ms. Rana Doro, Ms. Elena Akrita, the Human Rights Officer, and Mr. George Psikhoios, the Responsible for the Refugees and Migrants File.

The community delegation consisted of Muhammad al-Sayyid, head of the community, former President Muhammad Abu Asba, Vice President Maha Zain al-Din Watid, and Salma al-Shawa, responsible for cultural affairs.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of understanding and frankness, as the community delegation insisted that the opposition must put more pressure on the right-wing Greek government in order to change the official position and fully recognize the Palestinian state. The delegation also called on members of Parliament to take initiatives that would contribute to putting pressure on the government of the occupying state to stop… Permission and war of extermination.

their part, representatives of the Syriza Party affirmed their support for the rights of the Palestinian people and the necessity of stopping the destruction of the Gaza Strip. They also stressed that double standards are not permissible. When the Cyprus issue is raised, the government’s position is completely different from what is related to the Palestinian issue.

They also assured the community delegation that they stand with the Palestinian people, and this position was translated by the visit of Greek opposition leader Stefanos Kasellakis to the Palestinian territories two weeks ago.

Source: Maan News Agency

Resumption of raids – 114 settlers storm Al-Aqsa

Jerusalem – Together – Today, Thursday, settlers resumed their raids on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, after stopping during the days of Eid Al-Adha.

114 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, in successive groups, through the Mughrabi Gate, the keys of which have been controlled by the occupation authorities since the occupation of Jerusalem.

Settlers performed prayers during the storming of Al-Aqsa.

Settlers’ incursions into Al-Aqsa stopped for 6 days, ‘Friday, Saturday, and the days of Eid Al-Adha,’ amid protests by groups and organizations of the alleged temple, to close Al-Aqsa and the ministers’ failure to intervene to open it during the days of Eid.

On the other hand, the organizations of the alleged temple submitted a petition to the Supreme Court to end ‘the policy of deporting Jews from Al-Aqsa, and for the police not to intervene during settlers’ raids into the mosque.’

Source: Maan News Agency

A wanted man was arrested against whom judicial warrants worth 23 million shekels were issued in Hebron

Hebron – Ma’an – Today, the judicial police arrested a wanted fugitive for years and confiscated a number of judicial warrants worth millions of shekels against him in the city of Hebron.

The Police Public Relations and Media Department stated that this wanted man has been on the run for 4 years and that 8 judicial warrants and detention orders amounting to more than 23 million shekels were issued against him.

She added that during a monitoring and follow-up operation that lasted for more than a month, the judicial police were able to arrest him in the center of Hebron.

The police confirmed that the sums of money were 20 million shekels for the benefit of a number of banks and 3 million shekels for the benefit of private companies, in addition to hundreds of thousands of shekels for the benefit of a number of citizens.

Source: Maan News Agency

Arresting a citizen and assaulting other citizens during an occupation campaign in Beit Ummar

Hebron – Ma’an – Large forces of the occupation army stormed, at dawn today, the areas of Erq Al-Latoun, Safa and Al-Madhab’a in the town of Beit Ummar. The soldiers raided a number of citizens’ homes, where they searched them using police dogs, tampered with their contents and destroyed their furniture, and a citizen was arrested.

Media activist in Beit Ummar, Muhammad Ayyad Awad, reported that the occupation forces arrested the citizen Jamil Ahmed Hamid Zaqeq, 29 years old, and his family was detained in a room and his brother Muhammad, 25 years old, was beaten in front of his family for no apparent reason.

Awad added that the occupation soldiers also assaulted and beat three citizens while storming their homes, and the occupation forces confiscated illegal vehicles, and the Al-Bayyada Road was closed with dirt barriers, noting that this road connects the town’s neighborhoods with the northern and western areas of Beit Ummar.

Source: Maan News Agency

A week after his release – the occupation arrests the former Speaker of the Legislative Council

Hebron – Ma’an – The Israeli occupation forces arrested, before dawn on Thursday, Dr. Aziz Al-Dweik, the former head of the Legislative Council, after raiding and searching his house, which is located in the University neighborhood in the city of Hebron.

Dweik was assaulted during his arrest, which came about a week after his release from the occupation prisons, after being detained for more than 8 months.

Source: Maan News Agency

The occupation storms the town of Surif and assaults citizens

Hebron – Ma’an – The occupation forces stormed the town of Surif, northwest of Hebron, at dawn today, raided several homes, beat a number of citizens, and confiscated some vehicles.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces stormed the town from several fronts, closed the town’s entrances with dirt barriers, and raided and searched many homes and destroyed their contents, including the homes of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hur and Dr. Samir Al-Qadi.

The sources added that the occupation soldiers severely beat some citizens, including Zakaria Al-Hayeh,

and many illegal vehicles were confiscated.

Source: Maan News Agency