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Energy minister urges Arab countries to develop green hydrogen strategy

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh urged Arab countries to invest in green hydrogen to achieve technical and economic integration, given the abundance of renewable sources. In a speech delivered at the 5th Arab Forum for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency held in Cairo, he emphasized the need for joint Arab action in developing a green hydrogen strategy. Kharabsheh emphasized that renewable energy is no longer a luxury, but a crucial issue gaining significance worldwide. The minister highlighted three key areas that renewable energy directly impacts: ensuring energy supply security, promoting self-reliance, and preserving the environment for future generations, according to a ministry statement released Monday. He spoke about Jordan’s achievement of increasing renewable energy’s contribution to electricity generation to 27% by the end of 2022, after it was reliant on energy imports, highlighting several technical studies that could potentially increase the contribution to 50% in the coming years. “This significant increase in renewable energy usage will ultimately result in reduced energy bills for consumers,” he added. He suggested that Arab countries should focus on localizing the renewable energy industry instead of relying on imports. This would create economic opportunities, taking advantage of the region’s abundant natural and financial resources and available human resources. To achieve this, collective action is necessary to develop the industry across various supply chains. Kharabsheh explained that environmental challenges have major impacts on countries in light of some countries announcing their contributions and commitments to reducing this phenomenon. Participants in the forum praised the outcomes of the extraordinary session of the Arab League’s Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity, which are considered a prelude to establishing a joint Arab market for electricity.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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