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Jordan, Algeria collaborate on consumer protection, goods monitoring

The executive program for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), outlining cooperation in the realms of consumer protection and the monitoring of goods and services between Jordan and Algeria, was featured in the latest edition of the official gazette on Sunday. This comprehensive program signifies a proactive step in cementing the robust relationship between the two countries while reinforcing their commitment to bolstering teamwork. The focus of this collaboration lies in the domains of consumer protection, the prevention of fraudulent practices, and market and service oversight, all aimed at the realization of shared interests and the exchange of valuable expertise. The program delineates several areas of cooperation, with a primary goal of enhancing mutual comprehension of legislative and regulatory frameworks concerning consumer protection. This strategic approach aims to proactively address potential impediments to trade, conduct specialized studies, counter deceptive advertising practices, ensure the secure exchange of goods and services, foster public awareness, facilitate electronic marketing, promote e-commerce, provide training opportunities, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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