Meeting in Ibb discusses UNICEF’s humanitarian interventions

The local Secretary-General of Ibb province, Amin Al-Warafi, discussed with the Resident Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Peter James Hawkin, the organization’s humanitarian interventions projects in the health, education and water sectors in the province.

The meeting dealt with aspects of partnership and coordination in supporting water and health projects to overcome the effects and repercussions of the aggression and blockade on Yemen for eight years.

The meeting reviewed the difficulties facing the health and water offices in implementing plans, programs and projects to alleviate the suffering of citizens and meet the population’s needs for health, water and sanitation services.

The meeting emphasized keenness to enhance cooperation between the province leadership and the organization to coordinate its interventions according to existing priorities and emergency needs.

While the Directors of the Health Office, Abdullah Al-Mutawakil, and the Water Office, Kamal Al-Qatani, indicated the importance of continuing to support UNICEF in the transition to sustainable projects that meet the needs of the population.

He expressed the hope that UNICEF will play its role as a humanitarian organization in strengthening partnership and mobilizing the necessary funds.

In turn, Hawkin expressed his understanding of the challenges facing the health and water sectors and their negative effects on the province, stressing the establishment of an office for the organization in Ibb for the provinces of Taiz, Ibb and Al-Dhale’.

He stressed the organization’s keenness to strengthen aspects of partnership with the health, water and education sectors, and to support its efforts in expanding water and sanitation project services, pointing to cooperation with the health Bureau in expanding services in hospitals,

Source: Yemen News Agency