The Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority said that the Israeli prison administration continues to violate the rights of prisoners and detainees, and deliberately neglects their health conditions, and refrains from providing them with the necessary treatment and what they need in light of the difficult conditions from which they suffer.

In its report issued today, Monday, after the visit of its lawyer Fadi Obaidat, the Commission revealed two medical cases in the Negev prison, including the case of prisoner Khaled Kamel Nawabit (46 years old) from the town of Barqa / Jericho Governorate, where he suffers from bouts of shortness of breath with the body becoming limp from time to time. Today, this condition has become associated with him all the time, noting that the prisoner demanded tests on his health condition, but the prison administration still refuses to do so.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner was scheduled to undergo open heart surgery at Ramallah Hospital on 11/27/2022 to replace the mitral valve, but he was arrested before the scheduled date for it to be performed.

Prisoner Abdul Salam Bani Odeh from the town of Tamoun / Jenin Governorate suffers from swelling and blurred vision resulting from an accidental accident resulting from the presence of a small iron skewer, which led to a wound in the left eye on April 12, 2023. It caused an injury to the eye, and as a result, he was transferred to “Soroka” Hospital, and the wound was stitched. He was informed of the necessity of review after a week, but four weeks ago he was not transferred for review and examinations, which led to a worsening of his health condition

Source: Maan News Agency