8th Jordanian Maritime Day activities kick off in Aqaba

Aqaba: Activities of the 8th Jordanian Maritime Day, entitled “Health, Safety, Environment,” were launched in southern city of Aqaba.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony on Saturday evening, Minister of Transport, Wissam Tahtamouni, said : “Today we are witnessing start of the 8th Maritime Day and are moving non-stop on the path of development and modernization and efforts to keep up with new developments.”

Tahtamouni stressed the importance of integrating “quality” standards and “clear” measurement indicators that produce outcomes, based on “scientific” foundations in the maritime sector, aimed to strengthen public safety, improve marine environment quality, and network Jordan’s public and private sectors.

Additionally, the minister noted these standards and indicators contribute to provide “qualified and empowering” human outcomes, according to “detailed and practical” feedback-based plans, which seek to enhance “positive” cooperation to benefit Jordan’s maritime sector and its workers and face future chal

The maritime day, which was attended by the sector’s experts and workers, featured 3 dialogue sessions with stakeholders from the Kingdom’s public and private sectors to discuss occupational health and safety on port terminals, accident-related impact on marine environment, repercussions of crises on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, and related feasible recommendations

Source: Jordan News Agency