Demonstrators in Derna demand that those responsible for the collapse of the two dams be held accountable

Angry demonstrators from the people of Derna denounced, on Monday, what they described as “negligence” that led to the collapse of the Derna Valley dams as a result of the floods that struck the city, leaving thousands dead and causing widespread destruction in the city.

In a statement delivered in front of the Al-Sahaba Mosque, the demonstrators demanded the dissolution of the management council of the municipality of Derna, the opening of investigations into neglecting the maintenance of the dam, and bringing those responsible to justice.

The statement was based on specialist reports that warned of the dam bursting and the occurrence of a flood, which were submitted to the Municipal Council of Derna, and no precautionary measures were taken to prevent this disaster.

The demonstrators demanded a quick solution to the displaced people’s crisis and the development of solutions that guarantee their residence within the city, not neglecting the families of the victims, and compensating them for what they lost as a result of the dam collapse disaster.

In their statement, the people of Derna stressed the necessity of ensuring the principle of transparency in the file of rebuilding Derna, forming a municipal council, and choosing elements with experience in managing the crisis and restoring life to the city.

The statement called for specifying the name of any fund allocated for reconstruction with a clear name that bears responsibility.

They stressed the need to inform the international community about reconstruction to ensure its success, in addition to hiring international companies capable of creating infrastructure suitable for the climate and mountainous terrain that is considered a challenge, and respecting the will of the victims’ families.

The demonstrators raised slogans emphasizing the unity of Libya and expressed their thanks to everyone who supported the city in its ordeal from all Libyan cities, and their gratitude to the brotherly and friendly countries that participated in the rescue operations, recovering the victims, and providing relief and medicine to those affected.

Source: Libyan News Agency