DHA concludes Dubai Medical Research Forum 2024

DUBAI: The Dubai Health Authority(DHA) recently concluded the Dubai Medical Research Forum 2024, which witnessed significant engagement and rich discussions on the global challenges facing the field of medical research and specialisation in general, as well as the rapid developments and innovative advancements in the local and global healthcare sector in this field.

The event was attended by Dr. Wadeia Mohammad Sharief, Director of the Medical Education and Research Department at the Dubai Health Authority, along with a large group of experts and specialists from within and outside the country.

Dr. Wadeia stated that the forum showcased the latest global developments in the field of medical research, key issues related to it, and the increasing role of research in renewing and updating healthcare systems, professional practices, protocols, smart technologies, and other important topics.

She highlighted the richness of dialogues and discussions in the sessions, lectures, and workshops organised as part of t
his year’s forum agenda, confirming that the presence of elite scientists, experts, and specialists provided a valuable opportunity for exchanging experiences and emphasising the value of medical research and its importance in the healthcare sector’s system, being one of the key foundations for planning, policymaking, and decision-making.

Source: Emirates News Agency


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