Hashemite Kings are reason behind strength of Jordanian state – Senate Speaker

Amman: Senate Speaker Faisal Al-Fayez said the reason behind the strength, steadfast and firmness of the Jordanian state is its Hashemite Kings, who enjoy religious and historical legitimacy as well as the legitimacy of the tremendous achievements made over more than a hundred years.

Speaking on Jordan Television’s 60 Minutes program on the occasion of the Independence Day, which aired on Friday, Al-Fayez said the stages of building the state had started with the founding King Abdullah I, may God rest his soul, who started to establish and build state institutions, His Majesty King Talal bin Abdullah, may God rest his soul, who wrote the advanced constitution of the Jordanian state, which defined the relationship between the citizen and the state, His Majesty the late King Hussein, who finished the construction and was dubbed the builder, and His Majesty King Abdul II, who strengthened all this.

He continued, saying that despite the many difficulties the Jordanian state constantly encounters, security, safe
ty, and stability are the three most important aspects of the nation and that is why we are always overcome with happiness on Independence Day.

Al-Fayez noted that despite all of the crises that have occurred since 2003, the gross national product has increased fourfold since 1999 and has continued growing continuously.

Al-Fayez emphasized the significance of changing the electoral law and the constitution to support modernist architecture. He stated his opinion that there should be a merger of the parties in Jordan prior to the next elections, as His Majesty wants a parliamentary government and a party parliament after three parliamentary sessions.

Al-Fayez discussed the political, economic, and social aspects of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s 25-year reign, pointing out that this period was marked by numerous crises, beginning with the events in the West Bank and continuing with the occupation of Iraq, the global economic crisis, the events of the so-called Arab Spring, the burden of asylum, the Covid ep
idemic, the war in Ukraine, and Gaza, among other things. “Jordan has made progress in all fields and has achieved tremendous achievements, despite the fact that all of this has affected Jordan and the economic situation and caused a decline in services,” Al-Fayez stated in response to all of these difficulties.

Source: Jordan News Agency