Jordan Economic Forum discusses mechanisms for developing ties with EU

Amman: During a recent discussion session titled “How to take economic relations between the European Union and Jordan to the next level?” the Jordan Economic Forum covered strategies for advancing economic ties between Jordan and the EU.

In the presence of several EU ambassadors and Pierre-Christophe Chatzisavas , the EU ambassador to the Kingdom, the Forum’s chairman, Khair Abu Sa’ilik, emphasized Jordan’s efforts to fortify its political ties with the EU.

In a statement released by the forum on Saturday, Abu Sa’ilik made reference to the necessity of enhancing economic cooperation between the two sides in order to realize larger trade benefits. He also emphasized the significance of the session, which was part of the economic salon program, in terms of the two sides exchanging ideas and experiences.

He stated that there is still room for improvement in the economic ties between Jordan and the EU, emphasizing the necessity for cooperation to pave the path for mutually beneficial economic connections.

e June 11 EU-Jordan Business Forum, according to EU Ambassador to Jordan Katzisavas, will present a special chance for banks and the private sector to take advantage of the significant trade and investment potential.

Source: Jordan News Agency