Kuwait dispatches its 12th aid plane to Sudan

The State of Kuwait on Wednesday sent its 12th Air Force aircraft carrying 10 tons of medical and tent supplies to violence-hit Sudan.

The aid plane is part of the recently announced airlift, directed by Kuwait’s political leadership, aiming at helping the Sudanese people amid their country’s tough circumstances due to ongoing fighting there, Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Emergency Chief Yusuf Al-Mearaj told KUNA.

The fresh aid reflects the great humanitarian role of Kuwait, represented by the KRCS, towards Sudanese people, he said, regarding it as a “humanitarian duty towards brothers in Sudan”.

However, the KRCS official vowed that the Kuwaiti people would spare no effort in answering the necessary humanitarian requirements of war-affected people amid the current hard circumstances experienced by Sudan.

The Kuwaiti cabinet had decided to dispatch urgent food and medical aid to Sudan under the direction of the country’s political leadership in a bid to ease out the humanitarian reflections of this Arab country’s crisis triggered by ongoing fighting between the army and paramilitary forces.

Source: Kuwait News Agency