Kuwait doctors conduct surgeries for wounded Palestinians in Gaza

GAZA, Kuwaiti doctors on Tuesday conducted surgeries for several wounded Palestinians at hospitals in Gaza only a day after they arrived in the enclave via Egypt’s Rafah Crossing Point.

“We have started carrying out surgeries at the European Hospital and Kuwait Specialized Hospital in the Gaza Strip, and medical supplies have been distributed,” head of the delegation and deputy general manager of Kuwait Society for Relief Omar Al-Thuwaini said to KUNA.

The Kuwaiti medical team is expected to keep conducting surgeries for wounded Palestinians for a week, he said, adding that Palestinians injured in Israeli occupation attacks are in dire need of surgeries.

The second Kuwaiti medical delegation entered Gaza on Monday through Rafah Crossing Point to support the healthcare in Gaza by conducting surgical operations for injured Palestinians.

The first Kuwaiti medical delegation entered Gaza last month and was the first of its kind, sent by Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


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