Maait: New Customs Facilities for Shipping Agencies to Speed up the Release of Goods

Dr. Muhammad Maait, Minister of Finance, issued a decision to amend some provisions of the executive regulations of the Customs Law. The amendments include new customs facilitations for shipping agencies in a way that contributes to accelerating the pace of releasing goods, and is consistent with the state’s efforts that aim at transforming ports into transit gates and not storage places.

The ministerial decision includes allowing the acceptance of requests from shipping agencies to amend the destination specified in the shipping lists received for the final import fee to dry ports and warehouses and vice versa, as is the case in free zones or economic zones of a special nature. This will be applied provided that the approval of the party to which the amendment is submitted is submitted, with the exception of messages for which a customs declaration is registered. It is permissible, upon the request of its owners, to convert it to the final import duty or one of the other customs systems if its conditions ar
e met, or to ship it abroad directly through customs. If the amendment is made after registration in the customs authority’s records, the customs declaration is amended electronically on the ‘Nafezah platform’.

Source: State Information Service Egypt


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