Meeting: Steps made to align Jordanian health sector to climate change plans

Lower House Environment and Climate Committee reviewed the national strategy and Ministry of Health’s action plan to adapt and protect the Kingdom’s health sector from climate change impacts.

During a meeting held by the committee Tuesday, headed by MP Ali Ghezawi, in the presence of the Minister of Health Firas Hawari, Ghezawi noted His Majesty King Abdullah II’s interest in the climate change issue, stressing importance of working to support Ministry of Health’s efforts to enhance its role in this file.

Jordan participated in many conferences and meetings, including COP28 UN Climate Change Conference, which was held in Dubai recently, he said.

The lawmaker also called for tightening monitoring over public and private water sources, drinking treatment plants, pumping stations, networks, and public creeks that are still unused for drinking purposes.

On future action, Ghezawi stressed necessity of working to form a joint committee that includes all relevant ministries to present a comprehensive plan for ea
ch ministry and its role in mitigating climate change impact.

For his part, Hawari said the national strategy commits the ministry to achieve the Royal visions of improving quality of health services at all levels in all its hospitals and health centers.

Hawari presented the key features of the strategic plan and its axes, which consist of 8 main axes, primarily aimed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of health infrastructure management, and improve preparedness and response to manage crises, disasters, and effects of refuge and climate change.

Hawari confirmed that a “large” number of Jordan’s health facilities and centers have been converted to solar energy instead of electrical energy.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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