Ministry of Health committee convenes to discuss cooperative fund for doctors, salary regulations

The Ministry of Health convened a significant committee meeting on Monday to address critical issues related to the cooperative fund for doctors and the revision of salary regulations. The gathering, which featured the participation of all committee members, aimed to lay the groundwork for essential recommendations and action plans. Chaired by Health Minister Firas Hawari, the meeting outlined the committee’s procedural framework and established specialized working groups and sub-committees. The collaborative effort of these teams will play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of healthcare in Jordan. According to a ministry statement, several key points emerged during the discussion, including the Ministry of Health’s role as the primary authority responsible for managing the dialogue surrounding these critical healthcare matters. Additionally, the ministry will assemble a dedicated technical team to meticulously study and calculate the financial implications of forthcoming salary regulations on t
he Kingdom’s healthcare budget. Importantly, the meeting emphasized that the Ministry of Health is the entity responsible for forwarding the committee’s recommendations to the Cabinet. This underscores the ministry’s pivotal role in the decision-making process concerning healthcare policies and regulations. To streamline communication and ensure consistency in messaging, the committee agreed to centralize all media statements related to the committee’s proceedings within the ministry. This measure aims to provide clear and coordinated information to the public and stakeholders regarding the committee’s progress and outcomes.

Source: Jordan News Agency