PM attends launching of 2nd edition of ABJ initiative to support Social Development Ministry’s efforts, 2nd add

The Prime Minister renewed his thanks to the ABJ and to the chairpersons and CEOs of the banks for organizing this initiative, during which they reviewed last year’s acheivmnets, and to start a new chapter of this support, which is directed and spent in every part of it on one of the good aspects that benefit and support many needy people in our country.

He pointed out that “the Jordanian banking sector fully supports and responds to any demand, need or challenge of national importance or playing a social role, and this is the tradition of the private sector in all its commercial, industrial, service and tourism components, all of which have played complementary and participatory roles in periods that witnessed many challenges and the establishment of the building blocks to lead us to our second centennial in order to reach goals worthy of our people and the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II for our country, which is small in size and great in its potential and ambitions, its people, its national unity
and its assets, which we must always preserve.”

For her part, Minister of Social Development Wafa Bani Mustafa expressed her thanks to Jordanian banks for their generous support provided to the Ministry within the framework of their social responsibility for the second year in a row and to the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) for its contribution to this effort, stressing that this support will be spent on all groups served by the Ministry and that the Ministry will submit a report on the disbursement of this initiative.

She said, “We in the ministry are leading efforts to review the national strategy for social protection directed by His Majesty King Abdullah II for the purposes of updating and developing it and networking it with the vision of economic and administrative modernization and improving the spending process.”

She pointed out that the ministry has completed the new Social Development Law, which was published in the Official Gazette on March 24, which will consolidate the principles of social respo

Source: Jordan News Agency


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