Safadi warns of ongoing ‘illegal’ Israeli actions against Palestinians

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned Monday of the ongoing “illegal” Israeli actions against Palestinians by upholding the decades-long occupation of Palestinian Territories and undermining peace efforts. Safadi said at an international meeting announcing the Saudi, EU and Arab League “Peace Day Efforts” initiative, “The basic message in this meeting is that peace is necessary for the stability and development of the region. “But it [peace] will not be achieved without ending the occupation and fulfilling the right of the Palestinian people to freedom and a sovereign state on their national territory based on the two-state solution.” He said the initiative confirms the reference of the Arab Peace Initiative, the most comprehensive proposal for ensuring a stable future in the region and allowing development and prosperity. He added that the initiative considers peace the only way to end the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab territories and establish a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. “The Arab Peace Initiative presented an Arab vision for a comprehensive and lasting peace that is consistent with international law and capable of placing the region on the threshold of a new era characterised by cooperation and development,” Safadi said, adding, “but Israel did not respond to this initiative and continues with its procedures and policies that prevent the achievement of this peace.” Safadi said the alternative to what the “Peace Day Efforts” initiative proposes as a way to build a future of peace and cooperation is the measures taken by Israel that push towards more conflict and injustice. He added, “It is important that we work for the future, but the priority is today, and the systematic action taking place today kills hope, fuels conflict and violence and undermines the only path to peace: the two-state solution.”

Source. Jordan News Agency