Subtle weekend temperature rise expected across Jordan

Temperatures on Thursday are expected to slightly exceed the usual averages for this time of year, so the weather will be pleasant across most regions, while it will be moderate in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba.

High-altitude clouds will scatter throughout the day, accompanied by gentle southeasterly winds, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department.

On Friday, most areas are set to experience similar pleasant weather. The Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba will likely see moderate conditions, with high-altitude cloud cover and light southeasterly breezes prevailing.

Saturday is forecast to bring a marginal temperature rise, reaching approximately 4-5 degrees Celsius above the typical seasonal averages. Delightful weather is expected over mountainous terrains and moderate conditions in other regions, complemented by moderate southeasterly winds.

Today, temperature ranges will vary significantly. In Eastern Amman, temperatures could reach highs of around 20C and drop to lows of 10C, while
Western Amman might experience highs of about 18C with lows of 9C. Moving north to the highlands, temperatures will range between highs of 16C and lows of 9C, while in the southern highlands, it’s a bit warmer, reaching highs of 19C and lows of 8C. Aqaba in the south tends to be relatively warmer, with temperatures reaching highs of 27C and lows of 19C.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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