US re-affirms commitment to support the Israeli occupation entity

WASHINGTON, The United States has affirmed its commitment to support its regional ally, the occupation Israeli entity, and provide it with its needs for military hardware and arms.

State Department spokesperson, Mathew Miller, speaking at a briefing late on Monday, said the US has a decades-long commitment to Israel’s security. “Israel is surrounded by entities that are sworn to its destruction .. We believe Israel has every right to defend itself against those opponents.” “And we, to that end, have a longstanding security relationship with them where we provide them more than USD three billion annually in security assistance. Now, the way that it works is we provide them with USD 3.3 billion a year in security assistance.” Miller indicated that the administration evaded standard procedures, notifying the relevant legislative and congressional committees, to rapidly dispatch military aid to Israel after the October 7 attack.

“Israel is in an armed conflict and is expending a great deal of defense material a
nd some of that needs to be replenished for Israel’s long-term security.” The Biden administration is close to approving the sale of as many as 50 American-made F-15 fighter jets to Israel, in a deal expected to be worth more than USD 18 billion, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Since Hamas’ attack on Israel in October, which killed over 1,200 Israelis, the US has made more than 100 foreign military sales to Israel.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


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