Industrialised world must fulfill its commitments to reduce carbon footprint: Bahamas PM

Prime Minister Philip Davis of The Bahamas emphasised the urgent need for the industrialised world to raise awareness and adhere to commitments made in recent years. He highlighted the critical importance of reducing carbon footprints, supporting small developing island states in adapting to climate change and bridging the financial gap.

During his participation in the ongoing COP28 in Dubai, Davis told the Emirates News Agency (WAM), “The Bahamas is among the most vulnerable island states with respect to consequences of climate change. We are in the alleyway of hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea. Our country spans over 100,000 square miles, and our highest point is 206 feet above sea level, making it a very small area, with the rest of our land being less than three metres above sea level.”

Davis emphasised, “It is essential for the world, especially the industrialised world, to understand that countries like ours and other small developing island nations are no longer seeing this as a threat; it is now an a

He noted that despite meetings over the past years, suitable solutions have not been reached.

“In our hurricane-prone region and other parts of the world, there are frequent storms, heatwaves, floods, and wildfires. This is the hottest period globally ever recorded,” the official stated.

“I will continue to call for action,” he added, pointing out that the issue goes beyond climate justice. “Industrialised nations must realise that it is in their self-interest to do something, or else they will suffer the consequences of climate change, losing about 30% of their GDP if nothing happens in the next ten or twenty years,” he continued.

Regarding COP28, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas expressed optimism about the conference, hoping for positive outcomes in addressing climate change.

Source: Emirates News Agency


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